two people joining a life size jigsaw puzzle while the sun is setting behind them

Our Values & Ethics

1. Collaboration

We will be open to feedback from our stakeholders and seek co-design opportunities.

2. Compassion

We will recognise, acknowledge and value people’s emotions, experiences, thoughts and context.

3. Courage

We will be curious, innovate and keep improving. We will speak out on topics that challenge our values.

4. Fairness

We will act in line with our mission and keep the bigger picture of a just, inclusive society as a guide.

5. Flexibility

We will be willing to learn and adapt, and continually improve in pursuit of excellence.

6. Kindness

We will attempt to improve wellbeing and minimise harm in all our actions.

7. Honesty

We will comply with the law and regulations in a courageous manner, and tell the truth in a kind and sensitive manner while keeping safe.

8. Respect

We will act in a manner that acknowledges different value systems and beliefs held by individuals and try to find common ground.

9. Transparency

We will be open in how we deal with our stakeholders, how we make decisions and our outcomes.

10. Trust

We will strive to create emotionally and psychologically safe spaces, and nurture an open, generous culture.