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Making your organisation more equitable, diverse and inclusive

We equip individuals, teams to embrace equity, diversity and inclusion leading to better workplace, performance outcomes and innovation.

Image of different coloured coffee cups to represent diversity

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How equity, diversity and

inclusion (EDI) can help your organisation?

Financial performance of companies show that:

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Gender equitable boards lead to:
• Lower stock volatility and risk
• Higher employee perception
of leadership

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Diverse organisations:
• Have 20-40x more customers
• Outperform peer companies
by 25-36%

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Inclusive organisations:
• Employees are 3x less likely to leave
• Attract talent: 83% GenZs prioritise employers based on EDI

How Vividhata can help?

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- Customisable courses

- On current EDI topics

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Tools and Resources

-Implementation guides, action plans

-EDI Templates

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- Strategy and policy creation

-Design, programme implementation

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Technical Services

- Web and mobile Accessibility

About Vividhata from the CEO:

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