The Vividhata Story

Vividhata (which means “diversity” in Sanskrit) was born in 2022 on Gadigal land in Sydney to make diversity meaningful for individuals, businesses and organisations.

We are a boutique, woman led, certified Social Trader Organisation. We are also a People and Planet First Verified Social Enterprise. Working with us, will do good for your business AND your business can do good for society.

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The Vividhata Team

Image of Arti

Arti Agrawal

Image of David

David Widders

Image of Arif

Arif Ongu

Our Defining Characteristics

  • Comprehensive service for all your EDI needs
  • Lived experience of diversity
  • International experience, global service
  • Research led, evidence-based solutions
  • Specialise in Science, Eng & Tech sectors
  • Membership, engagement with EDI bodies, events
  • Operate by our stated values
  • Certified Social Trader, read our Social Business Model
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  • We are a People and Planet First Verified Social Enterprise
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Our way of conducting business

  • Our values are core to the way we work.
  • All our activities, services and offerings are aligned to our core purpose and creating social impact by way of social justice: our Social Business Model Canvas provides a high level overview.
  • We look to work with individuals and organisations from under- represented and/or disadvantaged groups, both through our Associates programme and the services we ourselves use. We also try to work with Social Enterprises, BCorps and those providers with whom we share values where possible.
  • We give back to society and community by using a proportion of our time, outputs (through free and discounted trainings, tools, consulting) to charities, not for profits, organisations of/from under-represented and disadvantaged groups, in line with the UN SDGs that we work towards.

    We hope to work with you in your endeavours on EDI. Reach out to us today!